Well friends, we are starting!
A new podcast will fill you with the best music works. Every day a huge number of tracks come to Azima Records. Our deal is to mark out the best of the best and show our vision of quality selection. This podcast will be published monthly. And every month we will choose the most interesting ones. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our hearts. Your music — our live!
Also, the podcast has two blogs. The first one is Countdown Time. The most interesting track of the release stolen the heart of millions and got a social acceptance will be chosen there. The second one is Rest Time. It includes outstanding Deep, Chillout works which finish our podcast and let you relax.
You can easily find us. All information is available on our web-site azimarecords.com/updatesenses/
If you want to be heard and think your works is worth attention, send it on promo@azimarecords.com.


1. PARITY – Nepal (Original Mix) [Flashover Trance]
2. Sun in Arms – My Sun (Original Mix) [Azima Records]
3. BT & Ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang – All These Wounds (Alex Klingle Remix) [Anjunabeats]
4. David Forbes & Richard Lowe – March Skies (Original Mix) [VANDIT Records]
5. SCHALA – Recourse (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
6. Tarmo Tammel – Crockett’s Theme (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
7. Cosmic Gate & JES – Yai (Here We Go Again) (Original Mix) [Wake Your Mind Records]

8. Audien – The Reach (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]


9. Terry Da Libra – Anagenesis (Original Mix) [Silk Music]
10. Max Freegrand – Heisenberg (Original Mix) [Freegrant Music]
11. Neurosignal – Try (Original Mix) [Azima Records]
12. Hal Stucker – Moda (Extended Mix) [Statement!]

[Rest Time]
13. Orbion – Everything Is Wrong (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]