Aurora (Album)

Aurora (Album)


Nouequalgods returns to our label with an elegant 9-track Album. Each track is filled with calm and charming melodic motifs that are perfect for any mood of the listener. Listen to fascinating music and plunge into the world of distant dreams.

  1. 1Noequalgods - Aurora (Album Mix)
  2. 2Noequalgods - Myth & Legend (Album Mix)
  3. 3Noequalgods - Myth & Legend (Album Dub Mix)
  4. 4Noequalgods & Gamma Splash - Via Lactea (Original Mix)
  5. 5Noequalgods - Northern Lights (Original Mix)
  6. 6Noequalgods - Underground Railway (Original Mix)
  7. 7Noequalgods - 29 Feb (Original Mix)
  8. 8Noequalgods & Arma8 - Fatum (Original Mix)
  9. 9Noequalgods - Shine Décennies (Original Mix)