Top 100 Djs about ghost-producers

There are always lots of moot points in dance music. The most striking example is a ghost-production. It is when ghost-producers write tracks for those, who then release it by their own names.

Huge number of scandals are well-known to many listeners in social networks. So, not sofar Mat Zo swore at remarkable persons in music industry. He accused them of using ghost producers. The list of such artists included David Guetta, Nervo, Danny Avila and Carnage.

DJ Mag Top 100 is the other arguable point in electronic music, especially after the win of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike this year. The edition often publishes the artists’ biography, including some quotes of them. From the moment when ghost-production had become a “hot” matter of discussion, journalists began to take an interest about Dj’s opinion concerning this question.

Thus, we offer to you the most important answers to the question from DJ Mag: “What do you think about Djs who resort to the help of ghost-producers?”

            Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (№1)

There are a lot of muddle around this topic. Sometimes the artist gets help in writing songs or extra production, not only in electronic music. In any case, it could be for the sake of everybody if extra pair of hands did the final tone better. What is more important is everything to work correctly and everybody involved in work to get money for the efforts.

            Hardwell (№2)

I think that if you don’t write your own tracks, you should be honest. Fans don’t deserve being lied.

            Armin van Buuren (№4)

It’s wrong to write your name in track you didn’t create. I never use ghost-producers.

            David Guetta (№6)

There is a big difference in using ghost-producers and in working in a team. It is incredible to work in a team. But everybody’s name ought to be mentioned.

            Afrojack (№8)

If you ask ghost-producers to help you and don’t hide it – it’s OK. But if you work with them and claim it as your own – it is madness.

            Steve Aoki (№10)

To tell the truth, I have no problems with this.

            Dash Berlin (№15)

I work with other producers all the time, and I say it straight. It’s not the business of mine what others do.

            DVBBS (№16)

You can’t be at NBA, if you don’t play basketball.

            Blasterjaxx (№19)

If they really blow up the dance floor and are involved in track’s creative process – it’s good. If they are bad at being on the stage and have bought tracks on some cheep service of ghost-producers – they’re losers.

            KSHMR (№23)

I think, it is acceptably to get help. In any case, artists make a decision by their own in what moment they’re not honest to their listeners anymore.

            Nervo (№24)

We began our business as a ghost-producers and used it as a base for the start of our career path. Time was the accurate to be an artists. All we are not against cooperation. But, it’s necessary to come the time when a ghost-producer gets his fame.

            Dyro (№27)

It affects them individually. I don’t use the help of ghost-producers. But I think, we’ll never know what’s about others.

            Above & Beyond (№29)

It’s quite honest if they mention ghost-producers’ name in public.

            Steve Angello (№31)

I consider that it’s a showing of laziness. However, there are lazy people not only in music industry.

            Showtek (№37)

Some vocalists ask the help of songs’ authors. Some Djs ask the help of producers. Music is something more than just a song.

            Andrew Rayel (№40)

To be honest, I am not a follower of such a thing. It is not the reason for pride. Being a great artist and using somebody’s work is not to be respected.

            Aly & Fila (№42)

They know themselves about it and they must be ashamed.

        Markus Schulz (№56)

I think fans can draw their conclusions fast, just listening to what sounds.