“The Book Of Colours” from Haxxy


The artist releases a fascinating album «The Book Of Colours»

The debut album of Ukranian producer Haxxy will be released on 29 April on label Azima Records.
«The Book Of Colors», namely the so-called album, will be the most important achievement for this artist in this year.

Haxxy says about his debut:

«It took much time to create this album, I put a lot of my emotions and feelings,this is all me.
The Book Of Colors is my emotional book which I offer to read everybody.
The release of the album is a destiny of popular artists, but the last purpose of the author is to express the sense.
I wish you peace and enjoyable listening»

Haxxy is a music lover. He is a person who both creates the music and listens to it.
Creation for Ivan is a delicate thing:

«There is a fear of not being listened or if they understand you when listen?»

He feels a real thrill only from this and his life can’t be without it.
But we are sure that he doesn’t need this fear because the album is really worthy.

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