Dear friends! We are so glad to present our first Showcase mix, which has been made for a long time. We hoped to create something amazing, beautiful and energetic. We would like to express our thanks to all artists whose works took part in this mix. Our special thanks is to the project Rave Channel which scored for sound every our work! In this Showcase’s set you will hear the best we have collected for the 2015. Tracks got a great popularity in the NET and big support from worldwide gurus of EDM stage. We will very grateful to your support by way of comments and opinions concerning this mix. Also a version without voicework is available. One can get an access writing a request on


  1. Sun in Arms — Reborn (Original Mix)
  2. A-Mase — Spring Breathing (Original Mix)
  3. Metroom — Snowfall (Original Mix)
  4. Fresh Code — Voices (Dub Mix)
  5. A.V.E.R. feat. Hailey — My Soul (Original Mix)
  6. Turn & Simple Art — Long Way (Original Mix)
  7. Steve Anderson & BRM — Leith Walk (Dallonte & Tali Muss Remix)
  8. Eskova & 2Loop — Raindrops (Misha Sinal Remix)
  9. Frainbreeze — Starfall (original mix)
  10. Fresh Code — MT676 (Original Mix)
  11. Nick Vergunov feat KinZana — Burning (Original Mix)
  12. 2Loop — On The Board (Original Mix)
  13. Sound Forces Feat. Natune — I Wanna Be Happy (Dextrose Remix)
  14. DCH — Grand Point (Original Mix)



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