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    New Hampshire, USA
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    Progressive Trance · Deep House · Chillout



Hidden Tigress, a Trance and EDM musical persona put on by New Hampshire’s Nicole Grace, smashes international standards and stereotypes for solo female artists in EDM production today. Committed to emulating her fierce nature, while drawing an elusive curtain in front of her true personality, Hidden Tigress embodies everything Nicole Grace wants to deliver in her musical performances.

Grace came up with the name Hidden Tigress when she was formulating the perfect musical persona for resonating her universal messages and emotions with listeners. Grace chose “Hidden” to begin her two-part performance name as a way to separate herself from the music. She knew, above all else, she wanted nothing of Nicole Grace to be associated with all she had to give as Hidden Tigress. The word Hidden gave it a mysterious and incognito impression while keeping listeners intrigued and then came Tigress. It’s hard not to immediately get a strong, impressive feeling from reading the word Tigress. Grace wanted to let the world know she is a fierce, passionate woman, and she isn’t afraid to show those colors while producing music in her home studio, working with Presonus Artist 3 software and a Presonus MXL 990 condenser mic.

The performing artist Hidden Tigress was officially born. In 2014, Hidden Tigress, from her home state of New Hampshire, felt she was ready to harness her inner musical passions and unmatched vocal talent, and reached out to various producers and industry players, asking them if they needed lyrics or vocals. Through her first few gigs, Hidden Tigress discovered she wanted to provide it all as a packaged deal, for her vocals couldn’t flourish without her natural songwriting ability. As she says, “There is something euphoric about giving the words I have written in life – through my vocals. It’s pure magic.”

16830581_10208533663047014_136815542_nHidden Tigress’ first release followed shortly thereafter, titled Live as One. From there, she knew she had much more to give, and through an international platform and social media community, she could achieve it.

Nicole Grace has always been a motivated and positive person. She welcomes constructive criticism, for she feels it gives her a direct connection to the people who absorb her music. She wants to reach listeners, and know that she has influenced or changed their lives for the better. That feeling, in particular, is what makes it all worth it to Hidden Tigress.

Hidden Tigress draws on various musical influences for her performance art and genre. She is most influenced by the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Khoma, Above & Beyond, Armin Van Burren, Mitis, TyDi, Ben Nicky, Krewella, Odesza, Enya, Enigma, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Ciara, and the list goes on.

As Grace usually says, “Music is apart of my soul. It’s my passion. It’s my everything.”

When you can’t find Hidden Tigress shredding up a stage, in complete performance bliss, you can find her dabbling in sports and photography.